“Does something with computers” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There was a time when development was fairly simple. There was code and there was an interpreter. Debugging meant running your code through the interpreter and then find out at which point it had broken.

That has changed. There is now a vast array of frameworks and tools available, made by creative integration developers and smart devops, compiling in realtime by smart task runners and running on any of many available realtime manageable platform services and containers.

Managing all that is combining breakdance and ballet, requiring timing, fine-tuned sensivity and the mindset of a maker.

And It. Is. Awesome!


I code PHP, Javascript/TypeScript, SCSS and Python has become a friendly neighbour I came to appreciate. I compile with npm and Webpack, I can setup real and virtual hardware and have a sense of design. I love to build and code interactive installations, games and applications and I’m very willing to dive into unit testing and frameworks I haven't mastered yet.

skills career


Being a full stack developer, I am trained by practice and experienced by more than two decades of ever changing tech-landscapes. My vanilla coding skills include, amongst others, PHP, Javascript, SCSS, SQL, a bit of Python and I generaly code by methods and patterns such as OOP and MVC.

I prefer creating tailored applications on top of matured frameworks, using external libraries and toolsets where needed, but as little as possible, keeping dependencies at a low. However, compiling all this, I love to incorporate as much automation as possible, making life for the whole team as easy as possible.

If needed, I install and setup servers to host and service applications, either virtual or inhouse on hardware.

a/s/l: 43, male, Amsterdam
born: Groningen
info: fluent in Dutch and English, driving license


script languages

PHP, Javascript/TypeScript, Python, CSS, SASS, LESS, SQL




Composer, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, React, jQuery, npm, Laravel


Ubuntu, CentOS, misc. Linux, Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D


Apple, i386, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, audio- & video


VPS/VDS, Amazon, Cloudera, Google Cloud


touch creative

Full integration developer (2015 - now)


Full stack developer (2010 - 2015)

The Pharmacy

Actionscript developer (2009 - 2010)


Developer (2005 - 2009)


Flash programmer (2004 - 2005)


Owner (2004 - 2014)

Satama Interactive Oy

Software developer (1998 - 2004)

Reclamebureau Effectiv.

Systeembeheerder (1997 - 1998)

Condor Post Productions

DVD Producer (1997 - 1997)

Digital Media Group

DVD Producer (1995 - 1997)


Homemade Arcade Cabinet

Built an arcade cabinet that runs custom made games (phaser) on Raspbian and my kiosk, starring my two 10yo’s :)

Queue Quiz

For all those waiting to get into a concert, I created a realtime quiz with questions about the performing artist(s). Everyone can participate with their device and every question has a winner profile shown on the big screen.

Pong Xmas Game

Finaly, a project where I could go 8-bit! Relatives were sent an invitation to play two challenges and with their scores set awesome aliasses for themselves, which we then printed on a set of cardboard ping pong bats, that were sent along with a complete cardboard ing pong table!

Play challenge 1 challenge 2

Ziggo Dome website and CMS

www.ziggodome.nl visit
Responsive frontend grid and intelligent visitor experience system (tracking, recognition, tailoring) and tailormade event based CMS for Ziggo Dome

The One CMS

I call it The One. It’s a standardized, but at the same time tailormade product that can be adjusted to almost any need in minutes with simple configuration files. It’s also skinnable.

Social mediaboard

Intelligent system for aggregation and moderation of social media posts from various channels for narrowcasting and website Ziggo Dome, integrated into their tailormade CMS.

Brand portal

Inhouse asset management software for various customers. Relations can register for permissions to folders and objects which is all controlled from a master panel, or from the folders themselves.

NPO Zapp Kerstmis in Tirol

Fully automated face upload, moderation and rendering cycle for a commercial that was injected with fresh uploaded photo’s of children every day for a couple of weeks. The uploaded photo’s were stored in a moderation queue and every evening a first-in-first-out selection of approved photos was made and transfered to pre-made video templates in a render queue. On completion the videos were sent to the broadcasting institution.

Project scaffolding tools

Commandline tools to make life more simple. E.g. to scaffold out a complete website project (PHP) with routing, ORM (RedBean) and example controllers and views baked right in:

scaffold routed-front-db ./site

The Playboy Game

Award winning interactive video campaign (Flash!) for Playboy Fragrances. I managed to make the high quality videos play instantly by using techniques from game development.

Need for Speed SHIFT in-banner multiplayer race game

Award winning campaign (Flash!) for Electronic Arts in which visitors of several selected sites were invited to race against each other, in banners, in realtime.


Rigen visit
Responsive Images Generator for PHP and Apache/Nginx

Kiosk installer visit
Easy kiosk installer for Debian based Linux distro’s based on Chromium browser

CodePens codepen.io/josfaber/

kookgekken.nl visit
Personal recipe blog

noordamdevries.nl visit
Responsive website

ledenonderzoek.nl visit
Responsive website